Welcome to termatics

We are a Gen-Z Austrian startup, specializing in applying artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms to detect anomalies using high-resolution time series of thermal satellite imagery. The founders of Termatics met each other while they were graduate students in the Copernicus Masters in Digital Earth program. 

By leveraging AI and thermal satellite imagery, Termatics aims to provide a valuable tool for monitoring urban infrastructure with a special emphasis on the energy sector. The high-resolution time series data from thermal satellite imagery enables the detection of temperature anomalies and other changes that might indicate a problem or a potential opportunity.


Max Aragon (CEO) 


Carla Arellano (COO)


Jose Gomez (CTO)


Felix Kroeber (CIO)


Maria Paula (Developer)


Our supporters

University of Salzburg

ESA BIC Austria

Université Bretagne Sud

Austria in Space